Epic War


The Epic War game will be built on the multi-chain, with its own token $EWAR that will be used to buy upgrades, new character creation and voting privileges. The open-source code base of the game will have an active development team working to improve the game in an effort to provide a more engaging experience. The game will also be on a blockchain that is able to provide immediate upgrades and easy contest/event implementation, essentially a never-ending campaign.
$EWAR is the utility token used to purchase in-game items, characters and digital assets. Winning teams receive $EWAR tokens, which can be converted into real-world value via crypto exchanges. Battle it out on the blockchain to earn more $EWAR tokens, buy rare in-game items, and even exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.
The goal of Epic War tokenomics is to allow teams, investors, and players to be rewarded for their efforts with the knowledge that their hard work will stay with them through the development of the platform. An easy to get into, hard to master world is one of the most exciting aspects of computer games. Epic War will provide this experience with the added benefit of becoming a blockchain game, which is set to revolutionize gaming at almost every level.
Eager to be part of the next frontier in gaming? Epic War is here, aiming to be the niche leader in the blockchain FPS games. By purchasing $EWAR tokens early you will be a foundation stone in this rapidly growing war machine, building your position on the decentralized marketplace and allowing you to participate in DAO community and battles. Join now!

🕋 Token Metrics

The $EWAR token is a game-changer. It will revolutionize the gaming industry through decentralization and blockchain technology. The Epic War team thus aims to create a new paradigm of applications for all formats, including computer games, mobile games, smartphones and tablets in order to bring together content developers, players and contributors around the world, making virtual battle grounds into reality.
Did you ever dream of a game that would be epic and open the doors for you to a new world where the imagination of gaming is unlimited? $EWAR - Epic War, will not only be a game but also a platform where communities of blockchain and game developers, investors and players would like to try their hands at building the new era of gaming:

🧲Token Allocation

The Epic War team is distributing fairly $EWAR tokens to all teams (including investors, community, in-game rewards, founding team, etc.), out of a potential Total Maximum Supply of 1 billion tokens. The funds raised during the token launch will be used to create the Epicverse. This will provide investors with detailed information about how $EWAR tokens are structured and distributed.

📆Token Release Schedule

The total supply of $EWAR token will never exceed 1,000,000,000. You can join the bounty to help us build our community and earn $EWAR tokens!
Opportunity will come only once so it is still time to accumulate some $EWAR before it is listed on an exchange, which then the moon will be not as far as it looks.
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