Epic War


Epic War is a dynamic and fully-scalable gaming technology designed for cross-platform social, mobile, web and console games. Seamlessly customized characters, build worlds and automate gameplay through state-of-the-art in-game scripting.

⚙️ Game Engine

We have built a battle simulation engine from the ground up which offers very fast performance and accurate battles. The entire game is written in pure C++ code and can be refactored or modified at any time we want. Epic War has the power of the Unity Engine under the hood, which offers stunning graphics and control programming.
Play in a global, persistent battlefield with epic clashes as thousands of players fight in teams or alone to fight the enemy. Use strategy and skill to lead your team to victory. Epic War is free to play and uses the Unity 3D game engine.

🎥 Cinematic Mode

The deterministic simulation of Epic War makes it possible to build a 'cinematic mode' for those with less powerful computers. This dramatically enhances the visual aspects of matches without being affected by the turn length.
When enabled for a match, the cinematic mode automatically takes pre-rendered tracks of the camera and associated audio, and greyscales the underlying simulation. These renders are very large in file size (over 1GB) but are extremely high-quality videos that can be encoded with any video codec.

🖼 High Quality Art Station

Epic War features top-quality graphics and animations that are designed to take advantage of the latest technologies, including the ability to play in widescreen format. With each feature and asset filled with rich detail, the game creates a vivid world of fantasy. Epic War has been built from the ground up to be played online. By taking out the need for constant instancing of environments for each player, it will give players access to a vast sci-fi world full of diverse characters who have had a storyline that is unique but all linked in some way.

🔬Back End

Epic War is a server-less backend platform designed to cater for the needs of high traffic, large database-backed games. Our development framework aids game developers in building powerful scalable backend solutions while enabling their in-game UI code to be agnostic to the underlying infrastructure. By circumventing the need for back-end developers to interact with infrastructure directly, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best: designing and developing high-quality games.