Epic War


Game Teaser:
What is Epic War?
  • 3D blockchain cinematic game and collectibles: Game + Comic Book + Film + NFT
  • Co-op strategy role-play action
  • Free-to-play-to-earn model
  • Gaming DAO (EpicDAO) = Fund DAO + NFT DAO
  • Open game build for all players
How to play Epic War?
Epic War Is The First Global Online Blockchain Game That Brings The Real World And The Virtual World Together. (1) In the game, players may create their own avatar, weapon, gear, and exclusive battle maps. (2) They have an infinite number of ways to customize their characters. (3) Players may create their own guilds and conquer other planets in an open world game. (4) And they can create a map and scenario using blockchain technology.
Create your own hero and join the fight to preserve the new world from the wicked overlords and their henchmen. Epic War is a fast-paced online multiplayer shooting game that allows you to progress by completing tasks in PvE mode or battling other players in PvP or PvPvE mode. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as its primary chain and other integrated chains are Solana, Polygon and Near. The game is both free and pay-to-play-to-earn, featuring in-game tokens that you can earn by shooting down opposing soldiers or climbing the leaderboard. There's also a marketplace where you can sell and purchase stuff from other players.
A State-Of-The-Art FPS Gaming Environment Built On The Blockchain: Epic War takes the thrill of first-person shooting combat and combines it with a player-driven marketplace to create a fun, modern gaming experience.

💎 Economy Flywheel

Epic War is a ground-breaking blockchain game. Epic War employs the free-to-play-to-earn concept, in which new players are not required to pay any fees in order to obtain characters or equipment. All of the items can be obtained through playing the game. Even if you don't have your own weapons, you can rent superior ones from other players for a low fee.
Epic War is a live-action online game with several revenue sources that will benefit both players and investors. Epic War's community is the world's creators, and it can set up several ways for players and investors to generate passive revenue. They can either have fun playing games or invest in the future growth of this ever-growing community by holding and staking in-game token.
What makes the Epic War different?
  • Fair game mechanics
  • Play-to-earn through time-based efforts
  • Circular economy with low treasury intervention
  • Gaming fundamentals being fun at its core
Epic War is likely to provide you with an amazing sci-fi adventure and a tremendous economic flywheel in blockchain gaming, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned gamer.

🎯 Mission

Dive into a new way of gaming - Virtual Wars. A universe created to transport you through myth and legend, Epic War is a revolutionary cross-platform full of thrill and adventures. Fight with other players, avenge fallen comrades and lead your team to victory using state-of-the-art technology for matchmaking, voice communication, and gaming data analytics. All while engaging in exciting player-versus-player action and the thrill of monster battles played out by real people around the globe.
In a world of sci-fi and heroism, everything can happen. By creating an ecosystem of amazing gaming experiences with community and player-owned economies as foundational pillars, then adding state-of-the-art technology for matchmaking, voice communication, and gaming data analytics, the result is the creation of Epic War…
Our vision is to create an all-in-one, virtual world, where players can play any gameplay they want and develop their characters by using their imagination. Raise your weapon. Face other players. Battle bosses. Climb the ladder. Level up quickly and make a fortune at the same time. Search for new items and it can be either sold to a friend or equipped as your weapon in the battle.

🏆 Vision

The future of games will be ruled by decentralized ownership. Epic War aims to build a true game-ecosystem that is profitable to any gamers and is fully owned by the community, with no barriers between the developers and the players. Epic DAO, a democratic governance model whose elements are estimated by the community. The Epic DAO Council will be a crucial element of the game ecosystem, as it will address both in-game issues as well as proposals regarding future game development and funding. In conclusion, Epic Dao is a global economy opened for all players in the Epic War.
Together, we will build an Epic War game that truly belongs to the players: (1) The leading game of the new world; (2) The epic-scale multi-chain war simulator; and (3) The independent decision-making Epic DAO. Let's create a new legend!
Gear up, enlist and lead your own army into battle! Can you dominate the lawless zone, defeat each opponent and become a legend? Get ready for thrills, action and excitement. Epic War is here!

📚 Comic Books

Chapter 01: The War Begins
Chapter 02: War Requiem
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