Epic War
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The time for Epic War is NOW. Join us in the DAO community, and become a DAO member. We value your input and are grateful for your trust in our game development, with a referral program designed to give you the power to help shape the future of Epic War! Players and contributors can acquire Token, build community, get rewards and much more.
Step into the sci-fi world of Epic War where survival is the primary objective. You must gather resources, build your alliance, and employ strategy to defeat your enemy. Each season brings a new challenges that threatens your existence but at the same time, it will also be an intriguing chance to have new opportunities. New strategies developed in the Discord and Telegram channels will help you succeed in this survival game. Join over thousands of active players in both the Epic War Discord and Telegram Chat for updates and insider commentary on Epic Warfare.
Who wants more war… on the Epic open platform? Everyone! To let everyone know how much we love them, we created the gaming DAO which lets you vote on new game features and earn a share of every revenue dollar from all Epicverse.
🏛 DAO Governance - EpicDAO Council
The Epic War collectible NFT game aims to be a living and breathing world, built by the community. Game producers, $EWAR token holders and NFT creators provide oversight and governance over the project, enabling changes to be made if the community deems them necessary. The depth of functionality and utility that the $EWAR token will provide is unprecedented in the history of digital currencies. In Epic War, the EpicDAO Council will feature a dedicated voting mechanism where Council will have the ability to influence important protocol decisions and determine the path that this game takes. Commissioned SubDAOs will receive $EWAR tokens upon new value creation, which they can use to build on this platform.
Council Vote Election EpicDAO = Fund DAO + NFT DAO EpicDAO: Total of 9 primary votes 🗳 • 03 votes 🗳 from Game Producers: 2 Founders + Community Lead • 03 votes 🗳 SubDAO – Fund DAO: Top 01 Value holders + 02 representatives of Group • 03 votes 🗳 SubDAO – NFT DAO: Top 01 NFT dealers + 02 representatives of Group
As a player you will have different in-game resources to manage, such as voting power, the amount of tokens that you own and the amount of native coins that you've sent to keep the Epic War Dao up and running. In the EpicDAO’s regulation, here is how it all works within the ecosystem: • How the Treasury is used • How the Foundation pool is used • How the mechanism of the inflation control is active
Epic War is an upgrade to our delegate system that will ensure a more decentralized and stable representative leadership. Instead of pooling 100% of your $EWAR tokens into electing one delegate, these tokens will be diluted with a voting weight distribution system. Similar to how many governments are structured in regard to checks and balances, this mechanism will allow the power of our leadership to be held by individuals who have fewer resources.
We invite you to join us in creating Epic War, a game that we are very passionate and excited about. This is our footprint in this world and we are going to do everything within our power to make it everything that we think you guys deserve. With your help, we can build a true community and get this game in the hands of lots of people!
📬EpicDAO Council Specification
Governance system of EpicDAO:
The EpicDAO is a next-generation governance system that will allow the community, NFT creators and token holders a platform to democratically debate proposals and not just blindly vote on decisions made by veterans in the space. This will allow new ideas to be debated in an open environment and for both veteran, new and existing stakeholders to have their voices heard.
EpicDAO Change Proposals allow the community to document the evolution of Epic War's economy. Whether you're just curious about how things were, or you want to see how things have changed: go here and search. All the Change Proposals are there.
Improvements made via EpicDAO Change Proposals may include: • Council norms • New balance changes • New economy systems • Expansions of game development • Character sets
Time for Council Nominations: 72 hours prior to when the Election Period begins. At the end of the Election Period, the council members will be announced on the Events site.
Council Epoch: 3 months
Timelock period of EpicDAO Change Proposal: 48 hours - the period where the proposal is in review before being implemented.


A war of scales and tactics. Now you can be a part of Fund DAO to battle over balance changes to the crypto economy system of game with proposals that objectively detail motivation and consensus building efforts, while also including a simple 👍 or 👎 for easy voting.
What Fund DAO is responsible for • APY/APR of Staking & Farming • Allocation of Fund profit to all members of Fund DAO (Quarterly)


The Epic War collectibles are a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace that is built on the BSC network as the core chain and can be scalable to other chains. Collectible NFT and character figurines will be created within this game and sold as limited edition NFTs. Through a transparent system of decentralized governance, the voices of virtual item creators are heard as well as those who play this game for years to come.
What NFT DAO Council is responsible for: • NFT airdrops • Collection & sales of NFT items • Allocation of NFT profit to all members of NFT DAO (Quarterly)


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