Epic War
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General Information

Epic War Portal: https://portal.epicwar.io/
Epic War Portal is a system dedicated to the Epiceros players community. When logging in and using the Portal system, players can easily look up Total Asset, Total Rewards, Game Statistic Event Information, etc. when interacting with the Epic War game.
In addition to the information aggregation function, players can also complete social tasks to earn reward points in the Epic War new series of events in the right column of the displayed page. This is also the page for users to download the latest game versions of the project.
The "Clan" feature is also considered an outstanding highlight of the Epic War Portal system. When clicking on this feature, players can join any team of gamers to play and hunt for rewards. Players can also easily see the ranking order of the Clans on the system.

How to Create an Account?

Step 1
Go to https://portal.epicwar.io/ and create a new account.

Step 2

Complete new user information and select “sign up” (Please fill in the referral code if you have one).

Step 3

Find the activation email from [email protected] in your mailbox, click the “please click here to activate your account” to activate your account.

Step 4

After successfully activating your account, you may directly log in to the Epic War system.

Step 5

Update your profile to qualify your account.

How to do tasks?

Step 1

Select and complete all the tasks in the right column of the screen.

Step 2

Check your points for each completed task here.

Epic War Portal Guideline

Go to https://guide.epicwar.io/ to read all the Epic War’s events description
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