Epic War
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Epic War is an action game that recounts a story about generations of people passing down myths and legends from one generation to the next. Only the finest warriors will be able to tell their stories to the next generation when they can survive through the battle of the honor and glory.
Game modes:
  1. 1.
    Boss Fights:
    • City disaster (Normal level)
    • Planet disaster (Hard level)
    • Universe disaster (Super Hardcore)
  2. 2.
    Team Fights in Bo1, Bo3 or Bo5:
    • 3 vs 3
    • 5 vs 5
    • 8 vs 8
  3. 3.
    Battle Royale:
    • Last man standing (players only)
    • Last man standing (players & monsters)
    • Lawless zone (the winner takes it all)
Become an Epic War hero in this real-time multiplayer action shooter that combines strategy and survival elements. These game modes will have you battling enemies using your skills, reflexes and a wise strategy together with other brothers and sisters from all around the world.
A massive battle between humans and monsters is about to begin.
A nuclear war on Kepler-22b has left few humanity alive in the year 2837 CE. Faced with extinction, they decided to open a portal between the two planets in order to seek our help and impart the technology needed to better humanity's ability to combat mutant beasts.
In Epic War, players take on the role of Epic Warriors, attempting to save the new Planet while achieving the highest possible score through heroic actions. Epiceros (players) are free to do whatever they like and can play collaboratively or competitively with one another. Players can earn experience by performing various tasks such as rescuing others, escaping, killing opponents, and so on. They will confront a variety of challenges, each of which will be connected with varying degrees of reward and, in some cases, failure. Observing other players' valiant actions on live streams will serve as incentive for them to ensure that their efforts are not in vain.

🗡 PvE

Acquire a higher power rank in Epic War PvE, a free mode that allows you to explore and conquer the globe of Epic War with other players. You'll fight to collect as many coins as possible in this mode, which you can then spend on new weapons and equipment. But will you rise to the top?
Boss Fight is a real-time tactical survival PvE mode with real-time combat. You battle a Boss at the end of a randomly generated connected set of stages in a Boss fight. Monster swarms, ambushes, and traps could all be found in different phases. Each of these can be defeated. How far can you get?
Build up your guild, select your best weapon and lead the League of Champions on a quest to defeat your nemesis, the evil Bosses. Use each champion's unique abilities and tactical skills to strike devastating blows to opposing hordes of monsters. Level up your guild and your champions by defeating bosses and experience strategic, tactical and survivor real time RPG combat like never before!

⚔️ PvP and PvPvE

Epic War PvP and PvPvE: Team fight and Battle royale are team battle modes in which players fight against each other in an arena filled with weapons, shields, and monsters. They can join and form alliances, as well as exchange ammunition and things with one another, in addition to fighting other players. As a result, the game offers not just hard gameplay but also a lot of social engagement.
Dominate the battlefield with powerful weapons, tactical formations and exciting gameplay in this real-time strategy game. Create an army of champions to take on higher opponents and become a legend by defeating each opponent's army in thrilling battles as you reach for greatness. The fate of your universe depends on your courage to lead them to victory.
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